Zachary Foxx
Portrayed by Shawn Mendes
Age 16 (25th August 1999)
Height 5'11"
Relationship(s) Joe Sweeting (Ex-Boyfriend)
Nathan Anderson (Kissed)
Angelika Kuzz (Ex-Girlfriend)
Friend(s) Nathan Anderson (Best Friend)
Lily Sweeting (Best Friend)
Sydney Walsh
Kyle Ogilvie
Maya Dumas
Matt Dales
Angelika Kuzz
Family Robert Foxx (Father)
Veronica Foxx (Mother)
Brandon Foxx (Brother)
First Appearance
"New Beginnings"
Last Appearance


Zach is a bisexual jock, but his jock status was removed after he joined the glee club. He enjoys performing but isn't confident about himself because he cares too much about what people think. Zach is friendly and loves to spend time with his friends.




Joe SweetingEdit

Zach seems to want to be friends with Joe, but Joe rejects his advances. When they have a deep conversation about why Joe doesn't like him, they seem to bond and eventually sing together. Joe witnesses Zach get kicked off the football team and Zach later shouts at Joe, saying he is angry and confused and storms off. They broke up in Family after Joe found out that Zach had cheated on him with Nathan, and were left on bad terms. They began to be friends again in Season Two. In Countdown To Midnight Zach admitted that he still has feelings for Joe after Joe confesses his love for him. After the episode, Zach kissed and slept with Joe while dating Angelika, leading to the couple's break up. As of Delete It Fat, Zach is single though Joe is still officially in a relationship with Rick Adams.

Angelika KuzzEdit

Throughout Season Two, Zach and Angelika began to be romantically involved after her relationship with Carl Preston failed. Although they were best friends, Zach began to develop a crush on her, and once Angelika started to reciprocate feelings, and they began to date officially in Pity Party. Zach helped Angelika gain her confidence throughout their relationship and went on a number of romantic activities. In However in Delete It Fat, Zach confessed to Angelika that he had cheated on her, and although Angelika was upset, she admitted that the only reason she got into a relationship with Zach was for him to be a rebound in order for her to get over her past relationships. This upset Zach and lead the couple to break up with their relationship now on unpleasant terms.


Solos (In a Group Number)
Song Episode Solos with
Weird People What Do You Mean? Angelika, Joe, Lily, Matt, Maya, and Kyle
Sax What Do You Mean? Alison, Lily, Becca, Sydney, Maya, Kyle, Nathan, Joe, Matt, and Angelika
Fix You We're Not Done Joe and Matt
I'm So Excited Big Fat Blitz Angelika, Joe, Lily, and Maya
Hold On Big Fat Blitz Alison, Angelika, Becca, Emma, Joe, Lily, Nathan, and Sydney
Giving Up We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Kyle, Joe, Gina, and Maya
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Alison, Angelika, Becca, Sydney, Kyle, Nathan, Joe, Lily, Matt, Maya, Gina, Emma, and Cass
Secret Love Song Secrets and Lies Joe, Maya and Angelika
Life Support/Will I? Next To Normal Kyle, Joe, Lily, Maya, Angelika, Matt, Sydney, and Nathan
One The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event In Glee Club History Nathan, Lily, Joe, Kyle, Angelika, Gina, Matt, Cass, Perry, Sydney, Becca, Alison, and Maya
Shine About Leadership And Teamspirit Sydney, Angelika, Kyle, Maya, Alison, Matt, and Becca
I Can't Feel My Face/Style The Sleepover Club Joe, Matt, and Nathan
Lifeboat / Shine a Light (Reprise) Let Me Be Your Star Kyle, Joe, Nathan, Maya, Lily, Angelika, and Matt
All Alright Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Joe, Kyle, Lily, Nathan, Sydney
Everlasting Love Family Alison, Nate, Maya, Matt, and Joe
Stand Up for Love Family Alison, Sydney, Nate, and Cass
Heaven is a Place On Earth Sun Tans and Ray Bans Sydney, Kyle, Becca, and Alison
All Through the Night Sun Tans and Ray Bans Joe and Nate
I Got You The Tide Turning Endlessly Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Sydney
Grateful/Already Gone/Halo The Tide Turning Endlessly Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Sydney
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Solos with Back-up with
I'm Your Man Secrets and Lies Matt Joe, Nathan, and Kyle
You and I The Tide Turning Endlessly Matt Kyle and Nathan

Solos in a Group Number
Song Episode Solos with
Hold Back the River Places, Everyone! Angelika and Maya
MMMBop Places, Everyone! Joe, Sydney, Angelika, Alison, Nathan, Cass, Perry, Lily, Maya, Kyle, Matt, Jackie, and Becca
Walking in Memphis Cher-ing is Caring Matt, Kyle, and Nathan
If I Could Turn Back Time Cher-ing is Caring Karen, Joe, Lily, Angelika, Alison, Alyssa, and Sydney
You Learn To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Cass, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Sydney
Bittersweet Symphony To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Sydney
Big Girls Don't Cry To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, and Sydney
Time Warp All Dressed Up Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, and Sydney
Thriller / Heads Will Roll All Dressed Up Alex, Joe, Lily, and Sydney
Rise Up Purgatory Alison, Angelika, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, and Sydney
I Love You Pity Party Joe, Lily, Angelika, Matt, and Alison
Write On Me Pity Party Alison, Sydney, Maya, Lily, and Kyle
Love Again Pity Party Joe and Lily
A Star Is Born Wish Upon A Star Alison, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Matt, and Sydney
All I Want For Christmas Is You A Very Fugly Christmas Alison, Angelika, Becca, Matt, Maya, and Perry
Do They Know It's Christmas A Very Fugly Christmas Alison, Angelika, Becca, Cass, Joe, Kyle, Lily, Maya, Nathan, Perry, and Sydney
Life Of The Party Countdown To Midnight Alex and Matt
Dangerous Woman Delete It Fat Alison, Becca, Joe, Lily, and Nate
Dope Secrets and Lies Part II: The Happening Alison, Andres, Joe, Lily, and Sydney
7 Years Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun Joe and Nathan
Song Name Enjoy The Ride Kyle and Maya
It Ends Tonight Enjoy The Ride Angelika, Kyle, Matt and Nathan
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Solos with Back-up with


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