Executive Realness

Executive Realness

This look I chose was very Viola Davis, with some Oprah, especially with a somewhat more glamorous feel to it. The pixie cut may seem somewhat played down, which really contrasts with the high price and elegance of the pearls, the blouse, the handbag etc. I stuck with the gold theme because it is commonly associated with being 'tacky' and over the top, but when mixed with the black I felt like it looked a lot more high fashion.

Teen Queen

Teen Royalty

I went for a more stereotypical 'ghetto' look, with both a mix of played down elements, with a mix of expensive features to stay true to the 'teen queen' theme- featuring brands such as Moschino, Chanel, Versace and Timbaland. 

I thought that the hat would be a nice touch to go with the designer crop top, and the lips would really tie it together, with the dark red matching with both features.

Pop princess

Pop Princess Extravaganza

This look also plays off some typical banjee girl elements such as the hoop earrings, the ponytail, the heavy smoky eye makeup, with a more elegant dressed down tone on the body to match the red carpet theme.

 I felt that the dress would be more elegant and I stuck to it being more plain and 'less is more' as I didn't want it to look too busy and cheap. It's purpose is also to contrast with some of the other neon bright features of the outfit, which had really made it pop. 

These are my looks for the Blondetta era ~

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