I didn't want to create a new page because I never actually finish any fic I start so this is just a tester and if people like the concept then it might become a reality...

The Power of Nine

The Power of Nine is an original fanfic featuring the Fuglies as 9 seemingly ordinary college Freshmen kwho learn that they have been chosen by the Council of the Gods to stop the goddess of Chaos, Erania, from destroying the world.




Lily Joe Sydney Angelika Maya Nathan Kyle
Earth Air Fire Water Magic Love Light Darkness Life

He can control the physical aspect of the earth. He can manipulate rock, gems and sand. He can create earthquakes and sense movements in the earths Crust. He can also turn living organisms into stone.

He can create and manipulate wind and all forms of weather. He can create storms and massive hurricanes, tempests and tornados to completely devastate the world around him. She can manipulate and and create fire. She is immune to heat and can survive in temperatures as hot as the center of the earth. She can control magma and volcanoes.

He can control and manipulate water, and Ice to some extent. He can create tidal waves as well as massic torrential rain storms. 

She can read minds, see into the future and use magical spells. She can manipulate burst of pure energy and can control human with her mind. She can manipulate bonds of human attraction and cause them to grow or deteriorate.She can also cause people's hearts to stop.   She can control and bend light and make it solid and lethal. .  He can control, manipulate and bend shadows into any form.   He can control plants and animals of all forms as well as shapeshift into any living creature. He can also speak to animals as well as control, grow and manipulate plants, trees and flowers.
Snake Swallow Lion Fish Celtic Knot Rose Unicorn Bat Acorn
Granite Citrine Ruby Sapphire Amythyst Rose Quartz Diamond Obsidian Emerald
New Orleans, Louisiana Detroit, Michigan St. Paul Minnesota Jackson, Mississippi Baton Rouge, Louisiana San Francisco, California Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chicago, Illinois

New York City
18 18  18 18 18 18 18 18 18
Michael B. Jordan Thomas Brodie Sangster Kristin Stewart Freddie Highmore Cara Delevigne Perrie Edwards Anna Maria Perez De Tagle Logan Lerman Douglas Booth

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