Untitled  Teen Royalty

My first look is very much so based on the popular girls who name themselves the Chanel's from a recent hit show 'Scream Queens' I did this as Princess Ali is one of the more recent and cuntier eras of Alison Jean, much like the main character of the show - Chanel, being recent and VERY cunty. The outfit itself also plays on the over-the-top and somewhat ironic nature of Alison within this era, wearing a tiara with all of her outfits. I also added hints of her 'Kawaii' undertones, having Hello Kitty nails and the colour scheme of hot pinks.


Blonde ombre hair

High waist pink skirt

Cropped button up shirt white

Simple pink pimp

Hello kitty nails

Winged eyeliner

Pale pink lipstick

Diamond tiara


Executive Realness

This executive realness look is inspired by Cruela De Vil, her regal and holy business woman persona, coming a proffessional business woman in her own right. The bright hints of red really stand out and, natural to the human eye, the colour red draws you in. The black simple dress helps to maintain Alison's sleek kawaii figure, but the cape trimmed with fur hanging over it gives the sillhouette some shape. The white colour also adds a pristine, clean and proffesional look. The fur gloves also help to maintain the balance of fur, ensuring it doesn't become too off-balanced. The simple black pump was chosed so the outfit doesnt become too busy, and the diamond jewelry is all expensive and geometric to add an up-to-date, yet expensive vibe.


Diamond geometric earrings

Diamond ring

Red clutch

Faux fur black leather gloves

Red lipstick

Black bob

Cashmere turtleneck, short sleeved dress

Simple black pump

White faux fur cape

Black tights

Untitled2Pop Princess Extravaganza

This last outfit is very Japanese-inspired, but somewhat americanised. The bright pink lip ensures that Alison's girly side is kept when wearing more of a casual look. I chose the outfit to be more casual as Alison in her Princess Ali era already is such a spectacle due to her personality alone and she doesn't an expensive gown or jewelry to enhance this, instead opting for something much more true to herself, being a Kawaii Kunt. She has replicated images of cute cats across her tights and nails, then paired with an anime-inspired necklace from Sailor Moon. Her shirt also has a play on Japanese terms, popularised in America which displays Alison's ironic humour mixed with her Japanese-inspired look and manner. 


Brown wig

Long pale pink seethrough shirt

'Kawaii in the streets <3 Senpai in the sheets.' Cropped shirt

High waisted, gold button shirts.

Heeled creeper-style shoes (black and white)

Kawaii cat tights

Black and white pattern nails

Sailor Moon Crescent Moon Wand Necklace

Hot pink lipstick, Winged eyeliner.

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