Trae (and Becca) on Film... Sex and Reality








Untitled Winter Finale



This is the ninth episode in the Fugly Hoe Saga. It will be written by Trae, for once, tbh. This is the first episode released after a 4-month hiatus from the winter finale.



  • Trae gains attention for the first time when he leaks his viral PornHub video and it lurks around Nicaragua High School, as soon as he becomes popular, Nicki Minaj comes into his dreams and he decides to have a bad reputation. Trae gets into a physical altercation with Lily because she's jealous of him now. Becca doesn't realize that she's pregnant and someone in Glee Club is the baby's daddy, she doesn't know who because she was drunk, so she decides to take each boy, except for Trae, in to the Maury show.


  • Trae's viral video will be more relevant than Kim Kardashian's sex tape.
  • He has 3 solos and 1 duet.
  • Nicki Minaj sings a duet with him.


  • Will go to Maury.
  • Has 1 solo and 1 duet tho.

The twist in the episode is that the person that doesn't go to Maury is the baby daddy, and the Porn Hub video Trae leaked is with Becca.


Song Original Artist Singers
Applause/Pour It Up Lady Gaga/Rihanna Trae
My Humps Black Eyed Peas Becca and Matt
I Luh Ya Papi Jennifer Lopez Trae and Nicki Minaj
Stupid Hoe Nicki Minaj Trae and Lily
Come Get It Bae Pharrell and Miley Cyrus Trae and Fugly Hoes
#SELFIE The Chainsmokers Becca
Va Va Voom Nicki Minaj Trae
For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert Maya
Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani Trae and Becca
Twerk Lady Fugly Hoes (Trae, Maya, Tots, Lily, Kyle, Matt, Becca, etc.)

There will be an EP to this.

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