This is Nathan's first ever album, and his only album that hasn't flopped. Nathan had this to say about the events of his floppage and unsuccess: "I am sincerely sorry for having flopped, and I detest all ablums since 2005, as I dread the loss of sells."

The album contains such iconic hits as:-

Track 1 - JaneIsQuen - Nate ft. Jane

Track 2 - Flopnation - Nate ft. Irrelevants

Track 3 - Tiago's got it going on - Nate ft. Happy and Tots

Track 4 - Bombs - Nate

Track 5 - Auld Lang Syne - Nate Ft. Joe

Track 6 - Not A Bitch, Not Quite a Diva - Nate ft. Ali and Drew

Track 7 - Tae's Vagina - Nate Ft. Tae

Track 8 - AlycePls - Nate and Alyce

Track 9 - AlycePls (Acoustic) - Nate and Alyce

Track 10 - Bangerz(Tots Promo) - Tots ft. GW chat, WendyWoo and Goldie Cheung

Track 11 - Desperate Duckface - Nate ft Ali's cat

Track 12 - Bitch GTFO - Nate, Tots, Lily, Jane, WendyWoo, Goldie Cheung, Ali, Sis, Drew, Happy, Tae, Alyce, Nicole, Joe and Trae


  • Nathan regrets adding Sis to his ensemble of fabulous singers in Track 12 as he believes his impressive voice swirled her into depression and started ber cocaine addiction.
  • Nathan's favourite song is flopnationas it has obvious connotations to his status amongst the fugly hoes group.
  • Nathan refuses to collab with Tim after they got into a drunken fight and Nathan accused Tim of stabbing him.
  • Becca tried to get a song on the album, but was told to "fuck off" as she wasn't lesbon enough.
  • Tots was drunk throughout the making of this album
  • Lily tried to make out with Alyce until she got a restraining order. Lily was originally in all of the songs until this event took place.
  • Nathan wrote 'bombs' when he threw a water bomb filled with pee at Happy.