Joseph Sweeting
Portrayed by Michael Willett
Age 17 (13th September 1999)
Height 5'7"
Relationship(s) Rick Adams (Ex-Boyfriend) Zachary Foxx (Ex-Boyfriend)
Friend(s) Alex Rodriguez
Alison Spears
Kyle Ogilvie
Maya Dumas
Angelika Kuzz
Family Lily Bruno (best friend, adoptive sister)
Jessica Sweeting (mother)
Thomas Sweeting (father)
First Appearance
"New Beginnings"
Last Appearance


Joe's character was first introduced as cold and emotionally shut off, however as the season progressed he warmed to certain people and eventually started letting people in. He has also been shown to be a very passionate performer, but also passionate about performing. Whilst his kind and friendly nature has been fleshed out he is still conceited and bitchy.


Joe is originally from near Atlanta, Georgia, however he moved to Florida when he was 13 years old to start a new life with his mother. During that time in middle school he was outed by his best friend and thus developed depression over the harassment and bullying.


New BeginningsEdit

Joe is first seen sitting next to Nathan in English class, asking Nathan about his oxygen tubes when Nathan snaps back to him and they start somewhat of a hatred between each other. Later that episode, Joe auditions for the Glee Club, singing One Last Time by Ariana Grande, throughout the audition Mrs. Clarke catches onto him having an attitude problem but also seeing his passion.

One-Two StepEdit

Joe is first seen in the choir room when the group are brainstorming club names. When Angelika suggests 'The Note-Worthy' Joe agrees, along with the rest of the group on the name. Joe later joins in on a recruitment number with the rest of the Glee Club and gets slushied at the end of the performance alongside everyone else. Joe is then seen in the girls' bathroom cleaning slushie off himself, Angelika asks why he's there and Lily says it's okay because he is gay.

Later when Zach is about to audition in the choir room Joe questions him on being one of the jocks who assaulted them earlier, he dismisses Zach's hurt feelings. When Sydney auditions he's shown to be unbothered by her lack of talent.

What Do You Mean?Edit

Joe first appears in the episode at the beginning. He witnesses Sydney singing off-key and once again dismisses her. When he walks into the choir room he see's Zach, we learn here that he doesn't want to open himself up to new people, especially those that tormented him. Joe then takes a seat next to Lily in the front row, asserting himself as the 'star', in doing so he makes sure to let Lily know that he doesn't really like her, he just wanted to there. Whilst Lily gives a speech about them acting like a group, she pin points Joe when it comes to the group having their guard up. Joe however, agrees with her speech, as long as he gets to choose the song they perform, which everyone agrees to. Joe decides that the song will be Weird People by Little Mix. After the performance Joe's guard was let down a bit when he was shown to be laughing and joining in.

Later in the choir room Lily and Joe are seen to be clashing over what songs to do at Invitionals. Joe was wanting to do sassy and upbeat whilst Lily wanted stripped back. Joe argued that it was boring. Joe later witnesses Maya and Lily bitching about Alison and heads to the auditorium to see Nathan's audition.

In the choir room he and Lily battle again, this time over who is the leader of the club. Lily decides that Nathan should be allowed, and that the decision is hers because she's the leader. Joe fights back and ends up crushing Lily's spirit again.

Later Joe is seen in Science class. Zach asks to sit with him and he agrees. Zach then tries to get Joe to open up and start talking to him but Joe refuses and tells him that he doesn't like him because of his background with the football team. Zach asks Joe to meet him in choir room later on which Joe agrees to.

Joe is next seen meeting Zach in the choir room, the two sing What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber feat. Ariana Grande. Throughout the song the two had moments. As the song ended Zach was beginning to get Joe to open up when Alex intervened. Joe was threatened by Alex but he shook it off and left.

Later in the choir room when Nathan joins Joe seems to be more tolerant of the group. He tells Nathan that he'll fit in and he apologizes to Lily, ending in a group hug.

The next time Joe is seen is during the Invationals performance where he performs alongside the Note-Worthy in Sax by Fleur East.

After the performance Joe asks Zach if he's okay, leading Zach to have a mini outburst which leaves Joe confused.

We're Not DoneEdit

Joe is first seen reacting negatively to Kyle's performance, he is next seen in the boys bathroom, noticing that Kyle has a drinking problem. Later on he and Lily question Maya on Kyle's drunk state at school, in the process they learn that he's a rich kid - he then gets into an argument with Kyle over him showing up drunk to school, the argument almost gets physical but Kyle leaves instead.

Later Joe, Lily, Nathan, and Maya all appear in the choir room and explain what happened, with Kyle appearing behind them and apologizing, to which Joe scoffs at, after a while of mulling he accepts Kyle's apology.

Later on Joe is asked by Kyle to join in on a group number and together, Joe, Kyle, Zach, and Matt sing Fix You. However Joe was shown to not be enjoying the song and when Kyle joined and stood next to him there was only resentment between them.

Joe was last seen with some of the others before heading off to a party.

Take Me Or Leave MeEdit

Joe is first seen in the choir room, giving Lily the cold shoulder when she sits next to him, then when Mrs. Clarke tells the group the theme of the week he 180s his attitude and cheers and screams for Musicals week. He then snaps at Maya for her irrelevant comment regarding musicals. Joe then begs the question about getting new members for Sectionals, to which he snaps at Kyle when he suggests something, leading Mrs. Clarke to snap at Joe, which leads to him enjoying Kyle storming out of the club. Joe suggests that every new member of Glee Club gets a part in the school musical, the club agrees, except Nathan and Zach, who Joe questions. Joe and Nathan have a stand off about being explicit with their sexuality - later as the session ends he runs over to Zach who is taken away by Nathan, leaving Joe angry and annoyed.

Later Joe is seen in the next glee club session, questioning why Emma doesn't have to audition, after being asked is he excited to see it, he responds with his usual cold brush off. He shows no support for Emma after the audition is over - straight after Nathan questions the musical theme, leaving Lily and Joe annoyed, Nathan suggests a competition for the solo which Joe agrees with. After Emma insults Sydney Joe defends her. As the group left the room, he is once again ignored by Zach, annoying him more.

Joe watches the interaction between Nathan and Zach and expresses his anger to Nathan, he then storms off. Later he caught up with Zach and is stunned to find out that Zach knows he likes him. He snaps at Nathan who shows up because he thought he was setting him up. Nathan snaps back, leaving him embarrassed.

Joe was brought up by Nathan and Zach, when Zach confesses his crush for the former. He is then physically seen by Nathan in the corridor, upset, he then sings I'm Not That Girl which finishes in Glee Club and an awkward look between he and Zach happens.

After the performance Zach approaches Joe and confides in him about his sexuality and feelings. However, not getting the reaction he wanted, Joe curses Zach out.

Later Joe is again brought up by Nathan and Zach when the former states he heard them talking, after a back and forth Nathan urges Zach to go forward with his feelings for Joe. He is lastly seen getting emotional in his room over his crush on Zach.


Zachary Foxx

Joe's relationship with Zach is a strained one. It began as a simple crush on a straight boy, however a revelation in Take Me Or Leave Me revealed that Zach was questioning his sexuality and did in fact feel something for both Joe and Nathan.

Lily Sweeting

Alex Rodriguez

Nathan Anderson

Kyle Ogilvie

Alison Spears


Solos (In a Group Number)
Song Episode Solos with
One-Two Step One-Two Step Kyle, Maya, Lily, and Angelika
Weird People What Do You Mean? Zach, Lily, Angelika, Matt, Maya, and Kyle
Sax What Do You Mean? Alison, Angelika, Becca, Sydney, Maya, Kyle, Nathan, Lily, Matt, and Zach
Fix You We're Not Done Matt and Zach
I'm So Excited Big Fat Blitz Maya, Angelika, Lily, and Zach
Hold On Big Fat Blitz Zach, Lily, Alison, Becca, Angelika, Sydney, Nathan, and Emma
Giving Up We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Kyle, Zach, Gina, and Maya
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Alison, Angelika, Becca, Sydney, Kyle, Nathan, Lily, Zach, Matt, Maya, Gina, Emma, and Cass
Secret Love Song Secrets and Lies Maya, Zach, and Angelika
Hair Secrets and Lies Alison, Becca, and Sydney
Black Magic Secrets and Lies Lily, Kyle, Matt, Alison, Cass, and Becca
Kids In America The Bitch Song Angelika, Becca, Lily and Sydney
Just Another Day Next To Normal Maya and Lily
Life Support/Will I? Next To Normal Kyle, Zach, Lily, Maya, Angelika, Matt, Sydney, and Nathan
Someday Next To Normal Lily and Kyle
One The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event In Glee Club History Nathan, Lily, Angelika, Kyle, Gina, Matt, Zach, Cass, Perry, Sydney, Becca, Alison, and Maya
Boys Like You Yours, Truly Angelika and Lily
I Can't Feel My Face/Style The Sleepover Club Matt, Zach, and Nathan
Lifeboat / Shine a Light (Reprise) Let Me Be Your Star Kyle, Nathan, Maya, Lily, Angelika, Zach, and Matt
Change Your Life Let Me Be Your Star Angelika, Sydney, and Kyle
Sledgehammer Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Angelika, Kyle, Lily, and Maya
All Alright Forget Being Cool, I'm Going To Be Honest Kyle, Lily, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Everlasting Love Family Alison, Nate, Maya, Matt, and Zach
Lightning Family Lily, Angelika, and Kyle
Cheap Thrills Family Lily, Maya, Angelika, and Kyle
All Through the Night Sun Tans and Ray Bans Nate and Zach
I Got You The Tide Turning Endlessly Alison, Angelika, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Grateful/Already Gone/Halo The Tide Turning Endlessly Angelika, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Solos with Back-up with
I'm Your Man Secrets and Lies Matt Zach, Nathan, and Kyle

Solos in a Group Number
Song Episode Solos with
MMMBop Places, Everyone! Sydney, Angelika, Alison, Nathan, Cass, Perry, Lily, Zach, Maya, Kyle, Matt, Jackie, and Becca
If I Could Turn Back Time Cher-ing is Caring Karen, Lily, Zach, Angelika, Alison, Alyssa, and Sydney
You Learn To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Cass, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Bittersweet Symphony To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Big Girls Don't Cry To Thine Own Self Be True Alison, Angelika, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Nathan, Sydney, and Zach
Time Warp All Dressed Up Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Sydney, and Zach
Thriller / Heads Will Roll All Dressed Up Alex, Lily, Sydney, and Zach
Rise Up Purgatory Alison, Angelika, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Maya, Sydney, and Zach
I Love You Pity Party Lily, Zach, Angelika, Matt, and Alison
Love Again Pity Party Lily and Zach
Be Our Guest Wish Upon A Star Alex, Alison, Angelika, Lily, Kyle, Maya and Sydney
A Star Is Born Wish Upon A Star Alison, Kyle, Lily, Matt, Sydney and Zach
Auld Lang Syne Countdown to Midnight Alison, Anita, Cass, Jessica, Lily, Matt, Sydney
Dangerous Woman Delete It Fat Alison, Becca, Lily, Nathan, and Zach
Dope Secrets and Lies Part II: The Happening Alison, Andres, Lily, Sydney, and Zach
7 Years Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun Nathan and Zach
Those You've Known Love You Forever Kyle and Lily
Back-Up Singing
Song Episode Solos with Back-up with
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