I Dont Giv A, by Medoner Feat. Nekci Menij, is a song performed by Nathan in the episode N.A.T.E (Episode)


Excose me
Tha only parson songing today, is my prerocoded voculs.

Nathan(Heavily Autotuned):
I Dont Giv A
I, I, I Dont
I Dont Giv A
I, I, I, Dont

Nathan(Normal Songing):
Wake up pop quen
Dis is ur seng
I dont giv a fuk
Terning on tha facebuk
hashtag poke me
Buy my record N.A.T.E
dosnt mattur wot it ment; am stil relevent

Gona b ok
I dunt care wot tha radio pley
Gunna b alrit
Am stil makin money from 'rey of lite'
Am stil tha best nd u others r shit
I can stil scraep a top ten hit
Ive actualy forgotten tha werds 2 this part, but if u hav a problem
I dont giv A

U might say am 2 yung
Or make fun of my legs
But aslong as u buy my ablum
I dont giv A

I dont giv A
I, I, I dont x4

Teh actual nekci menij: shots fyerd am guna rap now
cuz nahtn is tyrd
we also wrked togeva on dat sing wif m.i.a
shud hav cherted hier
if u sey difrent
den i sey ur a lier
anywey, nate, oh her
i herd matt riped u of
mayb u shud telefon her
tel dat bich the quen of pop and nekci menij own her
i put stuped hos lik lilena in a comer
whos kyler
i dnt giv a F U
kyle no1 lyks u
becca ur da quen
if b stands for bich hu r u
tray, heppy nd may ur evn shiter
cus no1 is as gd as me
nd tats y i dnt giv a

Nathan(Normal Songing):
im guna b ok
even if matt tries 2 steel my geys
im nut guna b alrit
getin my arse sued 4 brech of copyrit
im stil the best, cus shes not me
did i mencion my ablum
is cald N.A.T.E
pls bye it frem the gift shop on ur wey owt
nd if u stil dnt lyk me

i dnt giv a

Teh actual nekci menij:
ders only one quen
nd dats naet