Enjoy The Ride
Season Two, Episode Eighteen
First Aired November 5, 2016
Writer(s) Sydney
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"Love You Forever"


A Plot: The Note Worthy compete at Regionals in Orlando. Some members let the nerves get to them and other's let previous events effect their way of thought.

B Plot: Sydney and Andrés become more and more romantically involved and people become more aware of this.

C Plot: Kyle gets used to his Grandmother's inheritance.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Jessica Lange as Pearlina 'Pearl' Van De Bos
  • Melissa McCarthy as Ms. Cross
  • Heather Graham as Serena Walsh
  • Hilda Coronel as Lola Dumas
  • Ioan Gruffudd as Robert Foxx
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Veronica Foxx
  • Margot Robbie as Margot Ogilvie


Here’s what you missed on The Fugly Hoes- Maya got shot in the stomach but she was on the recovery and is now back at school. Angelika is all well and good too. Kyle has been all over the place, and then thanks to Sydney got drunk, who has been all over her place herself. But overall all is well and good for the Note Worthy, other than the fact Sydney got scammed, Perry is in hospital in a coma, Cass still feels like she’s responsible for the shooting, and everyone is battling for Junior Class president. And that’s what you missed on THE FUGLY HOES REBOOTED!

"Emma.... Alyssa..." Mrs. Shelley Daniels begun "I'm sorry, but you simply don't have the sufficient funds to keep your" she paused "Glee Club, afloat." Alyssa was sat before her with a neck brace on, with Emma sitting next to her with his arms folded. "Alyssa, honey, I'm sorry but 6 dollars and one button is nowhere near the 60 dollars which is required to uphold any club at the school." 

"Screw this y'all, I didn't want no new Glee Club anyways." Emma strutted out of the Principals office. Alyssa simply put her head down and followed him out before turning the other way in the hall and heading to class. 

"Hey Emma!" yelled a perky voice down the crowded hallway. He turned around and saw none other than Sis. "What is it Sis? I'm not in the mood." Sis looked around. "I’m sorry, you can listen to If You Say So by Lea Michele, that's what always cheers me up!" she smiled. Emma's face went from annoyed to flat out angry. "Why are you telling me to listen to a Leia Michael song though. You KNOW I despise Louder." he said, clapping his hands and wagging his finger in her face. Emma then pounced on Sis causing them both to tumble down the stairs. On the floor below, where Emma and Sis both lay on the floor groaning, Sydney, Zach and Kyle passed them on their way to the choir room.

“Only at Nicaragua, huh?” commented Zach.

“So guys, we have Regionals on Friday, and we know Good God damn well we’re gonna win, and we DO know Good God damn well we’re gonna beat our competition.“ Sydney discussed. 

“Oh yeah, I mean of course we’re gonna win, but who are we going up against again?” asked Zach in a forgetful tone. By then, Joe had stood next to Zach and Lily followed behind. “The Butch Queens, and The SJWs, remember?” she added. 

“So basically, Jackie and Tiago’s Glee Clubs. We’ve got this, I mean I hope we do. Do you know how great Nationals will be?” Sydney responded. “I mean, with our new Cheerleading Coach, and Ms. Clarke supporting us for two years, Nicaragua has no excuse not to win both.”

“Well that’s true” Joe begun, “But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work for it. We have worked so hard despite the hardships, and we’ve came on top after so many ups and downs. Last time when we had a tie it was a one off, we got big headed and lazy. We’ll do this.” The gang all walked into the choir room. 

Everyone was in their seats with Sydney, Kyle, Lily, Joe and Zach sitting at the very front which was empty before they entered. Andres was sat at the back, Alison and Becca sat were next to each other, and Perry’s typical seat at the back was empty as expected. 

Mrs. Clarke stood in front of each of the group and wrote something on the whiteboard in large red marker- the one colour she only used for special occasion. “REGIONALS.”

“We’re here!” She said smiling with a big grin on her face. “The one event we’ve worked towards since November, we’re gonna smash it! On Saturday we’ll all meet in the choir room at 12 o clock, and with the work we’ve been doing for the community, affording the bus to Orlando was no problem. Our carol service for the Seniors at the Old Folks Home was enough to pay for transport, actually.” She said in a pleased tone. 

Sydney stood up from the front row nervously. “Uhh guys, about Regionals, I have a confession to make.” Everyone was able to tell it wasn’t good news from her tone and body language, other than Angelika who knew exactly what was going to be said. “You know that guy Jason I was friends with?”

“The new guy?” Lily asked.

“Yeah. Well… he was a fraud. Undercover. He’s from another Glee Club, the SJWs precisely. I was played and you were right.” There was all of a sudden an uproar. A lot of people were disappointed, a lot of people weren’t surprised in the slightest, and all Alison could say was “I told you so!”

“PLEASE tell me you didn’t tell him we were performing a Katy Perry medley, because-“ Mrs. Clarke begun, but when she seen Sydney nodding with guilt, she immediately fell silent. “So, that’s a new task for us to fill our week with. Finding a new song, THAT we will have to learn and rehearse, and one that will fit the choreography we’ve been rehearsing.

“I didn’t want to sing KP anyways.” Angelika said, tussling her hair. Half of the glee club mumbled in agreement.

“Uhhh.. since we’re making confessions now” Maya said, standing nervously as well. “About Regionals, I don’t think I can make it.” 

“WHAT?!” Everyone other than Kyle yelled in unison. This had caused more panic and uproar than Sydney’s previous statement. “Why?” asked Mrs. Clarke.

“I’m having an operation on Thursday, it’s a cosmetic procedure in order to fix the scar on my stomach.” Maya said in a shaky voice. Everyone  was confused, but generally understood.

“You’re not better now? You’re literally in education and have been for like a week.” Alison added.

“The shooting happened only 6 weeks ago.” Maya responded in an offended manner “It’s not a cartoon. It takes months, if not years to heal.” Everyone mumbled amongst themselves, asking how they will work around this.

“Would you not think to tell us sooner?” Mrs. Clarke asked again.

“I didn’t know how to tell you…. I didn’t mean to keep it for this long.” Maya defended herself

“Kyle, you knew about this, did you?” Joe asked over. 

“Well, I guess I forgot. I only found out lately. Sorry.” He looked down. 

“Don’t worry honey.” Mrs. Clarke responded. “That’s another thing we have to work around now but we still meet the requirements of 12 members so it shouldn’t be any worry.” Mrs. Clarke paused and changed the subject. “By the way, I’m sorry for leaving you for a few days last month, because I really need to address this. As most of you will be able to understand as some were there, I was extremely shaken by the shooting- my life had flashed before my eyes. I needed to take some time off for me, and with the help of my husband, I’m in a so much better place, and it showed me what a great support system can do for one person. I have prepared a song and this is for Kyle, for Maya, for Angelika, for Perry, and everyone suffering trauma in this room, and everywhere at Nicaragua.” Alison and Becca immediately got into place and the band began playing.


As I lay me down

Heaven hear me now

I'm lost without a cause

After giving it my all

Winter storms have come

And darkened my sun

After all that I've been through

Who on earth can I turn to

I look to you

I look to you

After all my strength is gone

In you I can be strong

I look to you

I look to you


And when melodies are gone

In you I hear a song

I look to you

After losing my breath

There's no more fighting left

Sinking to rise no more

Searching for that open door

And every road that I've taken

Led to my regret

And I don't know if I'm gonna make it

Nothing to do but lift my head

I look to you

I look to you


And when all my strength is gone

In you I can be strong

I look to you

I look to you

Oh yeah

And when melodies are gone

In you I hear a song

I look to you

Karen (with Alison and Becca): 

(my levies have broken, my walls have come)

Coming down on me (crumbling down on me)

All the rain is falling (the rain is falling, defeat is calling)

Set me free (I need you to set me free)

Take me far away from the battle

I need you

Shine on me

I look to you

I look to you

After all my strength has gone

In you I can be strong

I look to you

I look to you

And when melodies are gone

In you I hear a song

I look to you


I look to you

I look to you

Everyone enjoyed her performance, and Lily put her hands on her heart. “You’re an Angel.” Before the bell rang.

“Anyways back to the Glee Club, we’ll be back in here tomorrow so think of some song ideas we can sing to replace Hot N Cold! We’ll sort out any choreography in tomorrow’s session, take care!” Mrs. Clarke yelled at the students as they all walked out of the choir room.

Alison, Sydney, Angelika and Becca all walked out of the choir room together, as Alison linked Becca and Angelika’s arms, and Sydney linked on to Angelika’s. “So.” Alison begun. “I was supposed to be meeting up with Maya this weekend to discuss our campaigns.” 

“But it’s only March.” Sydney said confused, but Alison interrupted her anyways. 

“But if she’s having her surgery I guess I’m all yours. We can stay over at my house, and then use my mom’s sauna.” 

“You’d never let us use your mom’s sauna?” Becca asked.

“Well you know, I’ve been feeling generous lately” Alison responded politely, but Sydney had noticed it. She was right, she WAS generous by her own standards. From letting Becca letting Alison use her $70 Anastacia Beverly Hills foundation kit, to helping Sydney with regionals choreography, to letting Angelika be seen in public with her at all, Alison seemed to value her girls ten times more than she would have at any point in the past.

“I’ll be there.” Sydney said bluntly. “But something is up.” She thought to herself.

Kyle was in the auditorium alone. He was sitting on the floor playing an acoustic guitar.


I'm five years old

It's getting cold

I've got my big coat on

I hear your laugh

And look up smiling at you

I run and run

Past the pumpkin patch

And the tractor rides

Look now, the sky is gold

I hug your legs

And fall asleep on the way home

A five year old Kyle is being held by his Oma and they look out towards the fields and pumpkin patches they visited in Kyle’s boyhood, reminiscing happier and simpler times for him. 

I don't know why all the trees change in the fall

But I know you're not scared of anything at all

Don't know if Snow White's house is near or far away

But I know I had the best day with you today

I'm thirteen now

And don't know how

My friends could be so mean

I come home crying

And you hold me tight

And grab the keys

And we drive and drive

Until we found a town far enough away

And we talk and window shop

'Till I forgotten all their names

I don't know who I'm gonna talk to now at school

But I know I'm laughing

On the car ride home with you

Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay

But I know I had the best day with you today

Flashbacks show Kyle looking in a photo album in his room at the Sweeting household, as he looks at photos of Oma, himself, him and Maya, and old class photos from his Elementary school days.

And now I know why the all the trees change in the fall

I know you were on my side

Even when I was wrong

And I love you for giving me your eyes

Staying back and watching me shine and

I didn't know if you knew

So I'm taking this chance to say

That I had the best day with you today.

Kyle stopped playing and sat down to reflect. He heard footsteps behind him and Kyle experienced Déjà vu to a similar time before Christmas. “Nathan.” He whispered, not even having to look to see who it was. He was correct. 

“You knew.” Nathan smirked. “You wanna talk?” 

“I guess we could always talk.” Kyle shrugged. 

Nathan sat down next to him and pulled out his wallet out of his backpack. He showed him a picture of a well-dressed woman posing for a portrait. She was dressed in dark clothing and wearing very 90s attire. “It’s been 5 years today.” 

“Man.” Kyle said. “I’m sorry, if there’s anyone in the world who knows how you’re feeling, I’m your guy. Like I said, always down to talk to you.”

“Thanks” Nathan shrugged. 

“How did it happen?” Kyle asked. 

“Aneurysm.” Nathan said. “I was in fifth grade at the time, I just remember coming home from school and no one was to be found. My neighbour came out and told me what had happened, he gave me a ride to the hospital, and that was that. I never talk about it though, the last person was my therapist, though I only see her once every two weeks.”

“That’s rough to hear. I’m sorry.” Kyle said

“You don’t have to apologise.” Nathan said, his tone changing and becoming more cold.

“I haven’t told anyone.” Kyle began, “but I received my Oma’s will.” Nathan looked at him, intrigued. “Virtually all of the assets are mine.” 

“WAIT, WHAT?” Nathan exclaimed. 

“Yep. All 8.5 million of them.”

Nathan’s face represented a shocked emoji as his jaw dropped. “WHAT?!” he yelled. “Why aren’t you excited about this?”

“I am.” Kyle smiled. “No amount of money will be able to get back Oma, I’ll never forget losing her, but she’ll be in my memories and my heart.”

“That’s how it has to be Kyle.” Nathan said compassionately. “You’re such a strong person, I’m really proud of you for overcoming this.”

“Thanks.” Kyle said, smiling and nudging him on the shoulder, just before the bell rang and they both dispersed.

The Cheerleading squad were all on the Football field doing warm ups for routines. Other P.E. groups were out on the field too, including the Soccer, Track and Athletic teams. Angelika, Becca, Sydney and Alison were all stood amongst the other Cheerleaders, though Alison wasn’t doing much physical exercise. “Do we really need to go out and cheerlead on the field still? Football Season doesn’t start for another TWO weeks, and it’s cold out. They should throw the Basketball Team’s asses out of the gym and let us have it.”

“We live in Florida, is it ever really cold out?” Becca asked.

“Besides it’s March now.” Angelika added. “It still has 6cm of snow in Estonia per my grandma.”

“I’m an American, did you really expect me to be updating on the worlds weather forecast?” Alison responded, rolling her eyes. 

Ms. Cross stepped out onto the field and the attention was immediately on her. “Good morning Ladies! I’m back from the Cheerleading Coach Convention in Houston. It’s true what they say, everything really is bigger in Texas.” She joked. The Cheerleaders cringed and winced at the thought. Alison whispered over to her friends “I thought that she’d fell down the stairs, I thought she’d been swimming in the ocean and some Orca’s mistook her for one of the pack.”, causing the other girls to giggle and Ms. Cross to notice. “Is there something funny- Water girl?” 

“No, I just thought of something funny.” Alison responded looking away from her, her body language clearly indicating it was a lie.

“How are you by the way? Were you and the sidekick keeping these girls nice and hydrated for their practice?”

“Mountain spring fresh!” Sydney responded, giving a corny smile and lifting a large bottle of water.

“Spring fresh? Taking part in any routines? Dictating any routines? No?” she said, putting her face 1 inch away from the girl’s faces. “Well I wasn’t” Sydney said, raising her hands and taking a step back. “Don’t you lie to me Goldie.” Ms. Cross said, turning her head to Alison. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“Well, when you’re THAT close to my face we’re either screwing or fighting, so… yeah, a little uncomfortable.” She responded, giving a small smile. The other Cheerleaders were stunned by the amount of sass she had towards her. “Get over to the bleachers, both of you! You aren’t taking part in this routine anyways!” Ms. Cross yelled at the top of her lungs. “Make sure those coolers stay cool!” 

Alison and Sydney slowly made their way to the bleachers. “I so can’t believe you just said that” Sydney said in a clearly annoyed tone, not even looking at Alison.

“This SUCKS. I told you I’m going to get that hog out of here.” Alison said, before they went to sit on the bleachers. Sydney looks over towards the cross-wire fence to see a guy in a P.E uniform looking at her. It was Andrés, and the moment she recognized it was him, she immediately ran over to where he was standing on the other side of the fence. 

“Shouldn’t you be at football practice?” she asked him. “Well yeah, but we finished five minutes ago. The others have gone to shower.” He responded. “So, what are your plans this weekend, you free?”

“Uh” Sydney thought. “I guess I have plans, it’s my mom’s birthday”.

“How about Friday?”

“Spending time with my sister. She’s back from Alabama, she goes to school there.”

“Next weekend?” Sydney didn’t respond at this point, but she kept thinking to herself of something to say.

“Come on, it doesn’t have to be weird, Syd. It can be just a friendly thing, you know? I can take you to that 50s Diner you’ve always wanted to try?”

Sydney stepped further away from the fencing, not taking her eyes from Andrés


If you really want to know

What I want in a guy...

Well, I'm lookin' for a dream on a mean machine

With hell in his eyes.

Immediately the Cheerios were behind her, they had heavy makeup and late 1970s rocker hair, giving choreography and hairography behind her.


I want a devil in skin tight leather,

And he's gonna be wild as the wind.

And one fine night, I'll be holdin' on tight...

To a coooool rider, a coooool rider.

If he's cool enough,

He can burn me through and through.

Whhoa ohhhh

If it takes forever,

Then I'll wait forever.

No ordinary boy,

No ordinary boy is gonna do.

I want a rider that's cool.

There were smoke cannons on the football field and brightly coloured lights flashing, with Sydney front and centre singing for Andrés.

That's the way it's gonna be,

And that's the way that I feel.

I want a whole lot more than the boy next door,

I want hell on wheels.

Just give me a fine motorcycle,

With a man growin' out of the seat.

And move aside, cause I'm gonna ride...

To a coooool rider, a coooool rider.

If he's cool enough,

He can burn me through and through.

Whoa ohhhh

If it takes forever,

Then I'll wait forever.

No ordinary boy,

No ordinary boy is gonna do.

I want a rider that's cool.

I don't want no ordinary guys,

Comin' on strong to me.

They don't know what I'm lookin' for,

They don't know what I need.

They're gonna know when he gets here,

Cause the ground will be shakin'.

I'll do anything to let him know,

That I'm his, his for the takin'.

I want a coooooool rider,

A cool, cool, cool, cool rider.

I want a coooooool rider,

A cool, cool, cool, cool rider.

The Cheerleaders behind her vanished, and she was back with her hands up against the fence in front of Andrés. “I’m down. Pick me up at 6:30 on Friday. I think my sister just telepathically cancelled.” Sydney responded in an embarrassed manner, running back to where Alison was sat, not without giving a cute yet flirtatious smile. Andrés stood by the fence and smiled.

It was after Cheerleading practice, and the girls were all freshening up in the girls locker room. Becca and Angelika were ready and prepared for class. “We have Art, so we’ll see you guys at lunch okay.”

“Okay, no problem, love you.” Alison shouted over to Becca in a sweet tone, still looking in the long mirror. 

“You too.” Becca smiled back. Angelika and Sydney looked at each other with confused faces.

“Are you okay Alison?” Sydney asked. 

“Why wouldn’t I be?” she responded.

“Things have changed in our group. You know it, I know it, and it shows.”

Alison closed her locker and sat down on the bench. “

“I mean, you were basically gonna punch Becca after Glee club on… that day. Then the next day you were all of a sudden her best friend, as well as being overprotective over her. It’s just really out of character for you- what happened?”

“I mean we’ve been friends for 18 months, duh.” Alison said, barging past her and begun to walk out towards the door into the hallway

“Did the shooting shake you up?” Sydney asked. Alison stopped.

Alison sat down on the bench next to her and began to explain. “Look-“ she began, as Sydney took a seat next to her. “You know when the shooter got caught by the SWAT team?” Sydney nodded. “It was literally outside my stall. I nearly DIED. Becca was in there with me too.”

“What, seriously? Where Alyssa got shot up?” Sydney asked. She was shocked.

“Yes. And all I could think was….” Alison said, as she began to choke up at the thought “I hope if one of us gets shot, it would be me instead of Becca.” She was full-mode crying at this point. “I need to start valuing you guys more. You have to celebrate life and not take what you have for granted.” Sydney just gave her a hug and held her in her arms. 

It was time for Glee Club practice the next morning, and Cass was the first one there, five minutes before the bell. She just sat in her normal place with her legs crossed, doodling in a notepad. Mrs. Clarke entered and noticed her, and immediately her attention was diverted. “Cassidy? Good morning.”

“Oh, hey Mrs. Clarke.” She smiled.

“How have you been keeping up?” Mrs. Clarke asked.

“Fine, I’m really excited for Regionals. But… I’m just sad that Perry isn’t going to be there. She has been very loyal to the Club, though most people probably don’t know she exists the majority of the time with the amount of big characters we have in the room.”

“Now Cass, Perry is on the road to recovery. She’ll be available for Nationals we can only hope.” Mrs. Clarke said as she walked over to Cass and put her arm around her shoulder. “Don’t beat yourself up for it. You’re both great kids, and my respect for you is through the roof.” She said as she got up to start writing on the whiteboard. Cass let out a guilt-ridden smile. She knew that she got Clarke out of major trouble, but would she have even been in trouble in the first place if she had been more careful? She knew Perry should be standing along-side her, performing at Regionals and taking home the trophy, but she wouldn’t be. 

By now the Note Worthy were pouring into the Choir room with Mrs. Clarke greeting them and telling them to take a seat. 

First are Alex and Lily, followed by Joe and Zach, then Sydney and Andrés. Sydney and Andrés were wearing their cheerleading uniform and football letterman jacket respectively, with Sydney wearing the Chanel sunglasses he bought her- looking like the poster children for the ideal popular high school couple.

Alison and Becca were the next to come in and confronted Sydney. “Why weren’t you on the school bus today.” They bluntly asked in unison.

“Andrés gave me a ride today.”

“Oh, your ‘friend’?” Alison said, giving a smirk and sitting down next to her.

“Yeah, is that so awful?” Sydney asked. 

“I mean, not awful, but it is a lot of things” Angelika said from behind as she gave Sydney the side eye. Sydney wondered if being around Alison was having a negative effect on her. 

By now everyone was in the choir room, and Mrs. Clarke was ready to begin her session. “So guys, we only have two days to rehearse for Regionals, and we’re all feeling pretty confident yeah?” The Note Worthy mumbled with a bunch of mixed reactions- they were genuinely feeling lost having to change their set list a mere three days before Regionals, and with Maya being a no-show due to her operation, Kyle was especially saddened and unsure of himself.  Mrs. Clarke continued “I’ve got your e-mails that you sent me yesterday and last night about song suggestions for Regionals and I’ve taken everything into account. Let’s do this!”

In between periods, Zach was walking to his locker and Joe was trying to catch up with him.

“Hey Zach” Joe said as he ran after him down the hall. “Zach!”

“Oh hi!” Zach responded, turning around with a smile.

“Are you still coming to my house after Regionals? It’s just I need numbers so I’m having a last minute review.”

“You know I’ll be there, I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby.” Zach smiled.


“Yeah, It slipped I guess” Zach chuckled embarrassed.

“Aw, sure.”

“Anyways I’m gonna have to bounce, me and Alex have our first coaching lesson”

“Oh of course I forgot about that, good luck!” Joe yelled as Zach walked away quickly, nearly knocking Angelika out of the way in the process as he was right behind her walking to class, they both gave awkward eye contact to her. 

Alex and Zach were ready, they had their shorts on, polo shirts, whistles and hair slicked back. They were ready to take on their first days of being joint student football coaches and made it out to the field of the jocks waiting.

“So, you’re our coaches? Weren’t you kicked off just the other month Foxx?” a Junior commented. 

“Do you think you’re able to us good?” Another footballer joked.

“Yeah, shut your white trash yap.” Alex yelled. “This is what Coach Adams wanted. He’s got a new job up North and we were the ones who got assigned. Not you, so shut your piehole.” 

Zach, who tried to take a less assertive way to instruct the team begun to speak. “So, from what Adams left me we can see our stats from last Season, and since we know that that football season doesn’t start until after Spring break we’ll continue improving technique until we begin the games.” 

“Our first game is Nicaragua Patriots against the Seaview Sharks on the 21st March.” They added.

“They better not steal our mascot again.” A footballer added.

Andrés and the rest of the footballers spread out and began to practice their passing skills and tackled each other for training. From a distance, Alex noticed that Felix had knocked over a skinny freshman boy at an unacceptable pace, leaving him in pain. Alex blew the whistle. “Foul! Leave the field Everett!”

“And what makes you think a couple of Sophomores will tell me what to do? You really think we’ll be SHIT when we have you clowns as coaches?”

“I’m more than qualified.” Alex said, squaring up to him. “You know I’ve been Quarterback which I beat you to, I beat you to this position, and on top of that. I’m gonna beat you for Junior Class president, hell even Senior. You’ve always been jealous of me since 7th grade.”

“I don’t think many people will be jealous after 2017 when Trump builds the wall.” Felix said aggressively, though he had a sociopathic smile on his face.

“It’s a good thing I’m doing this, because you’d be in that dumpster with all four limbs broken by now and we’re only ten minutes into the first practice.”

“But I never will, will I, Rodriguez? You know what happened last time. You didn’t even have to do anything and yet you were suspended for a week.” Felix grinned like he’d just got a rush from taking cocaine for the first time. “Imagine if you actually did something, now that you actually have something to lose? Hoo boy.” He was psychotic in the face, just filled with glee solely by the thought of what he was capable of.

“Get back to your place.” Alex said. After he walked away, him and Zach looked at each other with visibly scared looks on their faces. 

It was after practice, and Alex and Zach had to hang back for five minutes to scan the locker room before next period. “Hey man.” Andres said, addressing Alex. 

“What’s up, if it’s about the Junior Class president elections I’m sure that can hold on until September.” Alex brushed off.

“No, I need to ask you if you wanna go on, you know a double date this Friday.” 

“Well, one I’m not gay, two, I’m with Lily, three, yo-“

“No, dumbass. I mean you and Lily with me and Sydney.”

“Sydney? You’re going to Celerystixx with her? Pretty decent chick I must say. Good choice.” 

“We were gonna go to that new 50s Diner but you’re free to meet us there if you want.” 

“I’ll ask Lily. She’ll probably say yes, they’ve always had a lowkey Hardon for each other.” Alex responded. “I’ll keep you posted.”

“Great. Later.” Andres said, as he walked out of the room.

Lily and Alex were in the Rodriguez place where he had his arm around her, chilling on Alex’s king size bed in his bedroom (his legit bedroom, as opposed to the cramped one in his pool house across town.)  Alex was explaining to Lily about the situation with Felix. “And he knows he has the power to get me suspended from my coaching position if I dare challenge him because of who Mr Everett is. It’s like some fucked up Mafia slash Nazi control over the school.”

“So true. So messed up.” Lily said, as she closed her eyes and cuddled further in to Alex.

“So, how about a double date on Friday?”

“This Friday?” We know we always meet at my house after Regionals, silly.”

“Well… about that, some have other plans.” Alex said, and Lily was now intrigued. 


“Sydney and Andrés are going on what looks like a date. They wanted us to double up but It’d seem like they’re blowing the rest of the gang off.”

“I mean, kinda pissed that she’s blowing us off for a guy? But at least he’s Andres. He’s always seemed so good to her and if she’s happy I’m happy.” She said giving a half smile.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

“Look, we can just blow them off this time, and we double up with them the week after. No biggie.” Alex nodded and they got back to cuddling each other. Besides, I have big plans for us in terms for our relationship anyways.”

“Why…” Alex asked, looking scared as a million possibilities passed through his head.

“We’ve fell in some cash, thanks to Pearl.” Lily smiled. “Not as much as Kyle, but she gave some to me too. I’m hoping we can go on some trips and stuff this Summer. I can buy a car of my own finally. Get a full ride to college, and I want you to be a part of it. All of it.” She finished, before they got back to making out. 

“I love you.” He smiled, halfway through making out.

“I love you too.”

It’s Friday, 2PM and The Note Worthy all walk into the foyer of the Orlando Theatre Hall. The main hall is filled with a number of important people, newspapers, and guests including the judges scattered amongst the crowd. It was a lot busier than what they remembered it was the year before.

“So we have our dressing room booked, we have a bunco of free snacks ordered so we can have something on our stomachs while we practice.” Mrs. Clarke said, as she made her way to the Reception desk as The Note Worthy waited around for her in the foyer. 

“Remember this time last year when we were at Regionals?” Zach asked. “But we got beat by that Beyoncé tribute act?”

“Look, I was getting down to them” Joe said, pointing at Zach. “They bombed at Sectionals though apparently. Embarrassing.”

“Hey, look who it is!” Cass said, dragging someone unrecognisable to most people over to them. 

“Jackie, is that you? It’s been forever, how are you?” Angelika said, being pleasant to her.

“I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m good and you look great, I love your hair!” Ang complimented her. 

“I can spot a lace front from a mile off and you spent 22 dollars on that tops. Come on Ang.” Alison said walking past her and not even stopping walking.

Mrs. Clarke came over and began directing the club over to their dressing room so they were able to get ready practicing quicker and warming up their vocals. “Well, break a leg!” Lily smiled at Jackie, before walking away. Jackie gave a modest smile back. 

A few hours later, the Note Worthy are all in their costumes for the stage. The girls are wearing red dresses with a silver feature and silver heels, whereas the guys are wearing black and white creepers, black pents, a white shirt and red bow tie. The Note Worthy all sat in their dressing room backstage, listening to the SJWs mashup of Hot N Cold and Waking Up In Vegas on the stereo. The Note Worthy all shook their heads in disbelief, that they had the nerve to steal their set list. “Unbelievable.” Zach said. 

“They have so much nerve. Imagine if we didn’t come prepared?” Becca said. The club was sprawled out over the sofas backstage. 

“Well we did, and it’s all gonna pay off.” Karen responded reassuringly. “We have a new great setlist with great vocals, great choreography and I have full faith you’ll smash.”

Nathan and Kyle sat towards the back of the group, sharing one sofa. “Are you okay Kyle, you don’t look too good” Nathan asked, concerned. 

“I think so, it’s just without Gracie by my side and not being my dancing partner, it’s gonna be so much harder for me.”

“Why? You have all of us. Everyone cares about you, shit, I’m actually growing a heart, but I’ve always had a soft spot for you.” Nathan commented. “It’s all the time in Maya’s hospital room, I swear.” He chuckled. “Do it for her.”

“Do it for her.” Kyle smiled. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the dressing room, others were freaking out. “They sound really good though. That girl vocalist has pipes.” Angelika said, stressing out and pacing.” 

“It’s really hot back here, I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” Cass said, fanning herself. All of the mixed emotions were too much for Kyle to take in.

“I think I’m gonna hurl.” Kyle said, running out the room with Lily and Joe following him. Maya stood in the hallway at the top of the small flight of stairs in her red dress and a black undershirt to cover her midriff. “Y’all really thought I was done?” she said, putting her hand against the wall and giving a big smile.

“So are you sure you’re okay to perform?” Lily asked Maya, to which Maya assured she was a healthy state to perform. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” Alison was teasing Maya’s hair behind her to get her hair in a perfect bouffant shape, and Sydney was powering her face by her side. Mrs. Clarke was giving Maya the low down if she was totally willing to perform. 

“So, you know the songs of course?” Mrs. Clarke prompted.

“Yeah, I can remember the words from our rehearsals.” 

“She barely knows the choreography though.” said Joe. “We pretty much put it together last minute, as in, today and yesterday during her operation.”

“My position in the first song doesn’t have a lot of dancing at all. I’m totally willing to sacrifice my solo in the group number for Maya.” Lily said with a concerned face, not noticing the shocked look on everyone’s faces, including Mrs. Clarke’s. 

Joe touched her forehead and said “Well her temperature it was fine, maybe something was in the Arrow Springs water she drank earlier.”

“She can pretty much take back stage during our sickening set at the end, it shouldn’t be too hard to follow. Not like I’d want her upstaging me with that Sasha Belle esque black lingerie underneath the dress.” Alison laughed.

“I just had a stomach operation.” Maya said, looking offended. Alison once again didn’t know how to react so just looked away. 

“Wait guys” Cass said from the other side of the room. “Listen to the speaker, The Butch Queens are performing and Jackie has her solo.” 

“Listen, it’s her!” Lily exclaimed

Jackie was on stage with the rest of the butch queens. They were all sporting androgynous fashion and giving soulful vocals, though little choreography overall. 


Ever wonder 'bout what she's doing

How it's all turned to lies

Sometimes I think that it's better,

To never ask why

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned

But just because it burns, doesn't mean you're gonna die

You gotta get up and try, and try, and try

Gotta get up and try, and try, and try

You gotta get up and try, and try, and try

“Hey, she’s good!” Cass added.

“We’re better.” Alison shrugged.

“Did anyone notice the pronoun change?” Joe added.

The Note Worthy all lined up towards the back of the stage, except for Maya and Kyle who were waiting in the sidelines waiting to walk on. Both of them gave eachother a thumbs up before the lights dimmed. 

“And noooowwwwww, last but not least all the way from Nicaragua High School in Ocala, Florida, it’s The Note Worthy!” There was a round of applause as the music started and Maya came on stage. 


This is more than the typical kinda thing

Felt the jones in my bones when you were touching me, uh oh

Didn't wanna take it slow

In a daze, going crazy, I can barely think

You're replaying in my brain, find it hard to sleep, uh oh

Waiting for my phone to blow

Uh oh yep


Now I'm here in a sticky situation

Got a little trouble, yep and now I'm pacing

Five minutes, ten minutes, now it's been an hour

Uh don't wanna think too hard, but I'm sour

Uh oh,

Maya and Kyle:

I can't seem to let you go

Maya with The Note Worthy:

See, I've been waiting all day

For you to call me baby

So let's get up, let's get on it

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right

Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to

So can we finish what we started

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right, cheerio


What's the time, such a crime

Not a single word, sipping on that Patrón

Just to calm my nerves, uh oh

Poppin' bottles by the phone

Oh yeah


Had me up, had me down, turn me inside out

That's enough, call me up

Baby I'm in doubt, oh oh

I don't even think you know, no no

Maya with The Note Worthy:

See, I've been waiting all day

For you to call me baby

So let's get up, let's get on it

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right

Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to

So can we finish what we started

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right, cheerio

See, I've been waiting all day

For you to call me baby

So let's get up, let's get on it

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight, ohhhohohhhoohhhh

Honest baby, I'll do anything you want to

So can we finish what we started

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that's right, cheeri, cheerio


When you gonna call

Don't leave me brokenhearted

I've been waiting up

Maya, Zach and Kyle:

Let's finish what we started, oh oh

I can't seem to let you go

Come on, that's right, cheerio, uh!

You were able to see all of the parents and family members in the audience onlooking. Lola (who Maya had made drive her over in her little chevette), Jessica Sweeting, Serena and James Walsh, Veronica and Robert Foxx, and to everyone’s surprise, Margot had bought front row tickets, and was giving a standing ovation wearing a white bodycon dress. The Note Worthy moved around, and the girls made their way to centre stage in their red dresses, silver heels and bouffant hairstyles.


We were born ready

Ready to be free

Chasing every thrill we could see


With my eyes steady

Wake into a dream

Aching to be thrown in the ring

If nothing comes easy


As long as we're breathing

We'll go all the way or go home


We we're born ready, wherever it leads

What we have is all we need

Becca and Alison:

'Cause if it's fast or slow

All I really know

Is I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Sydney and Angelika:

And if it's hard or soft

Before we get off

I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride

The Note Worthy:

'Cause if it's fast or slow

All I really know

Is I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride

'Cause if it's fast or slow

All I really know

Is I'm gonna enjoy the ride

And if it's hard or soft

Before we get off

I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride


We were born hungry

Hungry for the rush

Screaming when they tell us to hush


Hit the ground running

Leave them in the dust

Only run with those we can trust


If nothing comes to us

We fly where it's bluest

As we're ready to face the unknown


We were born hungry

We'll never get enough

'Cause we're only here this once

Sydney and Becca:

'Cause if it's fast or slow

All I really know

Is I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Angelika and Alison:

And if it's hard or soft

Before we get off

I'm gonna enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride

Sydney, Becca and Alison:

Let's do it again

Let's make it tonight

Yeah, let's go until the sky gets lighter


And if it's fast or slow

All I really know

Is I'm gonna enjoy the ride

The Note Worthy:

Enjoy the ride

The three competing Glee clubs were all stood on the stage together next to all of their instructors, with the Mayor of Orlando, Mr. Brian Turner, stood amongst them with the results in his hand. "and Third place is.....'The SJWs!'" announced Mayor Turner. The SJWs gracefully accepted their placement award and left the stage.

The crowd then fell silent and the tension was high. Everyone in both teams huddled together on the stage and were holding each other. "And now.... the winner of South East Regionals Championship 2016 is....The Nooooote-Worthy!"

The Note Worthy started jumping up and down, cheering in celebration as confetti fell. Mrs. Clarke was so proud and joined in on the celebrations, as The Butch Queens onlooked in disappointment. "Congratulations Note-Worthy, you will progress to Nationals this June." the Mayor said, while someone handed over the large 1st place trophy to Mrs. Clarke.

Outside, just five minutes before boarding the bus Lily runs over to a group of girls boarding a different mini-bus, not belonging to a school. “Wait!” she yells, as the girls climb onto the bus holding their silver trophy. “Jackie!”

Jackie, the last person to be getting onto the bus. Turns around to see the girl in costume running after her in platform heels. “Hey Lily, it’s been a while.”

“It has. You were great, I forgot how amazing your vocals were.” 

“Thank you.” Jackie responded, flattered.

Lily responded immediately, “Which is why I want to propose you an offer.” Jackie listened, intrigued. “Come back to Nicaragua. Your friends miss you and Perry needs you.” Lily began. “You can come back to the Note-Worthy and we can go to Nationals!” 

Jackie paused her right there. “Hold up, who said I still wanted to do this?” 

“It was just an offer, Jackie.” Lily said. 

“I mean, it was all well and good there, but I LIVE in a totally different place now, I go to a different school which I like. My parents live two hours away from Ocala now. Why would I move in with a family member who lives there who probably doesn’t like me, just for a Glee Club?”

“Just a Glee Club?”

“You KNOW I didn’t mean it like that, Lily.” Jackie said, folding her arms.

“Come on, Lipstick, we’re going now!” a fellow teammate shouted from Jackie’s bus.

“Look, I get it, we neglected you and mistreated you, I mistreated you, but I hope you consider it. You’ll really be valued as a part of the team. We can do it different this time.” Lily said, widening her eyes. She genuinely wanted her friend back on The Note-Worthy to fight for the Nationals first place trophy alongside her.

The driver of the bus beeped the horn loudly. “Look, I’ll think about it.” Jackie said, before heading onto the bus as it drives off. Lily looks at her in the window and Jackie looks back. 

It was night time at the Sweeting residence, where Angelika, Becca, Alison, Lily, Kyle, Maya, Alex, Cass and Matt all gathered. They were all drinking out of red cups and couldn’t stop buzzing over the fact they’re going to nationals. 

“Where do you think we’ll be? New York? Chicago?” Angelika asked. “I can’t wait to see so much more of America.

“You can make that happen” Lily whispered to Kyle in a joking manner, who pushed Lily’s face away.

“Okay, but who else is sad the good sis Sydney isn’t joining us tonight?” Alison said, slightly intoxicated.

“Back off she’s getting that Latino D!” Becca laughed, even drunker, nearly knocking Alison off her chair.

“Uh, Andrés is Spanish not Latino?” Alex said.

Zach, who had left ten minutes earlier was back through the door with an acoustic guitar for more stripped down songs, as the gang was already bored of Alison butchering I Love Rock And Roll on the Sweeting’s Karaoke machine.

“I’m back!” Zach said excitedly. “Why don’t we have one song before we’re back at it on Monday where we can prepare for the big dog?” Everyone cheered and got into place.


Your subtleties

They strangle me

I can't explain myself at all.

And all the wants

And all the needs

All I don't want to need at all.


The walls start breathing

My mind's unweaving

Maybe it's best you leave me alone.

A weight is lifted

On this evening

I give the final blow.


When darkness turns to light,

It ends tonight

It ends tonight.


A falling star

Least I fall alone.

I can't explain what you can't explain.

You're finding things that you didn't know

I look at you with such disdain 


The walls start breathing

My mind's unweaving

Maybe it's best you leave me alone.

A weight is lifted

On this evening

I give the final blow.


When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Now I'm on my own side

It's better than being on your side

It's my fault when you're blind

It's better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside

Now you're the first to know

Angelika looked on to Zach and Joe kissing, and Maya looked on to Alison and Matt being cute and cuddling and kissing. Angelika immediately ran out of the house and to the front door, to dial a number in her phone while standing on the Sweeting's front step. "Hello?" she said softly. "I miss you. Okay? I'll be over in half an hour." she said, before putting the phone down and heading back inside. On the other end of the phone it was a silhouette, and one that belonged to none other than Rufus. 

The Note Worthy:

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Sydney and Andres, not at the Sweeting household, were making out passionately in Andres’ car on a deserted forest road overlooking Ocala.  “Just friends still?” Andres asked in a teasing way. Sydney giggled. “Sure. As long as you put girl before that” she said in a sarcastic manner, before going back to making out. 

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Mrs. Clarke was stood at her front door, receiving an envelope from an unknown woman in a long pea coat with her hood up. She was confused at the motive at first, but took the envelope from her and closed the door with gratitude. When she closed it, she opened it to find a cheque for an extortionate amount of money, precisely $50,000. She gasped and could barely control her breath, and started running around the house to let Mr. Clarke know what happened. The unknown woman turned around and walked down the brick path off Mrs. Clarke’s property, and took her hood down. It was Margot. She smiled to herself, but by the time Mrs. Clarke had looked down the road to yell her back and thank her again, she was already gone. 



When darkness turns to light,

It ends tonight.

Perry lay on her hospital bed with her BPM machine running steadily. It was late at night and the hospital is quiet, and her eyes slowly begin to open.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
I Look To You Whitney Houston Mrs. Clarke and The Note-Worthy
The Best Day Taylor Swift Kyle
Cool Rider Cast of Grease 2 Sydney
Try P!nk The Butch Queens
Brokenhearted Karmin Maya, Kyle and Zach
Enjoy The Ride Krewella Alison, Sydney, Angelika and Becca
It Ends Tonight The All-American Rejects The Note Worthy

Regionals CostumesEdit

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