Drunk in Love








The Untitled Becca ToBe Project


Sluts and Shade

This is the fifth episode in the Fugly Hoe Saga. It will be written by WikStr. Happy Poolaalaa


  • Maya fails 3 tests at school and has a nervous breakdown.
  • Her friends take her to the bar.
  • Maya, Happy, Becca, Lily, Matt, and Tots go to the bar.
  • Becca and Happy get very drunk (evidently).
  • Matt and Lily make out.
  • Maya gets this close to losing her virginity.
  • She doesn't.
  • Lily releases a sex tape for pramo.
  • Matt sees it.
  • Later that night, they have sex. While they're drunk. Drunk on loOoOvE~
  • Tots and Trae sing a song while Becca and Happy, Matt and Lily, and Maya are 'talking' !! Montage scene.
  • At the end of the episode, after Becca and Happy are sober the next day, they see Lily's leaked sex tape. They don't like her vajayjay. It's green.
  • They make a new glee club: The SEXYTONES.
  • They write an original song and begin recruiting people.


Song Original Artist Singers
Show Me Your Genitals Legendado Becca and Happy
Drunk on Love Beyoncé Lily and Matt
Partition Beyoncé Tots and Trae
Bring Me To Life Evanescence Maya
I Just Had Sex The Lonely Island Matt
SEXXXY (Tones) The Fugly Hoes Becca and Happy


During post-production of the episode Happy thought it would save money if they changed Beyonce's Drunk in Love to Drunk on Love. It did not.

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