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The Saga Continues


The Untitled Becca ToBe Project


  • Tots and Lily find a new and un-used iPhone 5S in the garbage can and decide to keep it, giving them the feeling of being very cool. They decide to go by new nicknames, "Kween" (Tots) and "Quen" (Lily) and subsequently perform Circus in the courtyard in fabulous glitter-royal costumes. Mrs. Müller-Rottendorf watches their performance and decides to accept Tots into the glee club.
  • Tim convinces Trae to audition. Trae doesnt fucking want to so Tim backstabs him, recording their supposed-to-be-sexily-intimate performance of SMS. Even though the recording has only 420p quality and is mostly blocked by Tim's fat cat, Trae gets accepted.
  • Lily bumps into the new kid at school, Matt. Feeling instantly drawn to him, she decides to spend more time with him. She ends up having a crush on him, even though he doesn't seem as interested. Trying to get him to like her, they perform Piece of Me. It doesn't have the desired effect and, in order to have Matt close at all times, Lily blackmails Mrs. Müller-Rottendorf into accepting him into the glee club.


Song Original Artist Singers
Boys Boys Boys/Ain't No Other Man Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera Maya and Tots
SMS (Bangerz) Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears Tim and Trae
Lucky Britney Spears Kyle and Tim
Circus Britney Spears  Lily and Tots
Till The World Ends Britney Spears Happy
Piece of Me Britney Spears Lily and Matt
Everytime  Britney Spears Kyle, Kyler and Maya


Starring: - Lily, Matt, Kyle, Becca, Tots, Maya, Nathan, Happy, Tim, Trae and Kyler.

Also starring: - Glee Wikians.

This episode features the following songs: - N/A

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